THIS monsoon skincare routine that will keep pimples at bay

Jun 14 2021 04:01 PM
THIS monsoon skincare routine that will keep pimples at bay

Follow these simple yet effective steps to achieve the perfect monsoon routine. 

Here’s a monsoon skincare routine that will help keep acne at bay: 
Cleansing & Cleansing again

Double cleansing is now the trendiest beauty trend. Using both water and oil-based cleansers are the best way to remove impurities. Water-based cleaners remove water-based impurities while oil based cleansers help get rid of excess sebum and grime trapped in the pores. So cleansing is a very important step to keep excess moisture away. 


Hydrating your pores is of utmost importance. When you use a toner or a facial mist, it ensures that the pores are well hydrated and it does not fetch for hydration from the environment. This is a great way to control excess sebum production. 

Change your products

The products that worked for you during the summer might not be the best for the monsoon season. Understanding your skin’s needs and tweaking your routine is the only way to win over the monsoon acne. 

Do not forget to moisturise

Just because your skin is getting oily does not mean you don’t have to moisturise. Opt for a lightweight moisturiser but do moisturise so that the skin does not compensate and produce excess oil. 

Keep bacteria at bay

Excess moisture in the air acts as a carrier for bacteria that ends up worsening the acne. Using products and natural ingredients that are antibacterial in nature help a lot. You can choose from aloe vera, turmeric, tea tree oil, honey and many such natural ingredients to add to your skincare routine. 


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