This new song of Sidhu became even more popular after his death.
This new song of Sidhu became even more popular after his death.

Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala's death is said to be one of the most shocking reports of 2022. On May 29, Punjab lost a promising son. Sidhu Mosewala may not be among us today, but his songs are going to remain evergreen. These songs of Sidhu are going to keep him immortal among the fans. After 26 days of Sidhu's death, his new song has been released.   

Sidhu's fans get a treat: The name of the song is SYL. This song is said to be about the Sutlej-Yamuna link. This is the singer's first song released after Sidhu's death. The SYL song has been posted by Sidhu himself, sung and is also being composed. Ever since sidhu's song was released, his fans have become very emotional. Fans say legends never die. This song of Sidhu Musewala is trending at number 1 on YouTube. The song has also garnered 14 million views.


Musewala's song creates record: Reports say that the song, which was released 16 hours ago on YouTube, has also garnered 1 million comments, 2.2 million likes, 14 million views.   What a big hit this song of Sidhu has been, which can be guessed by looking at these figures. This song started trending as soon as it was released. The song has been viewed by 54 million people in 4 hours. This song remains a hot topic among Sidhu Musewala fans. The contentious SYL issue between Punjab and Haryana has been teased. The song also mentions everything from the farm laws to the farmers' movement and the Red Fort.    

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