Google is going to stop this special service from February 24

Feb 21 2021 03:15 PM
Google is going to stop this special service from February 24

If you are an Android consumer, then you will definitely know about Google Play Music, a special service of Google. Google has officially discontinued this service from December 2020. According to 9to5 Google report, the consumer has the opportunity to download, transfer and delete data by 24 February. If you can transfer your music data by 24 February, after which all your data can be automatically deleted. According to reports, Google can replace its Play Music app with the YouTube music app. The company has been announced about this last year.

So if you also listen to your favourite songs on the Google Play Music app, and always want to save it, then Google is giving you the opportunity to transfer it to YouTube music. Google said that transfer it before 24 February.

Google has started emailing the consumer about it. If you also want to transfer your data to YouTube music, then there are easy steps for this. You can transfer data from Google Play Music to Youtube Music through these steps:

1. For this, first go to or Android or iOS app. After this, 'Transfer to Youtube' will be found here. Tap on it.

2. Users will then be redirected to Youtube Music, where the transfer will begin. The file to be transferred will contain playlists, songs, albums, likes and upload purchase and billing information.

3. There will also be an option to 'manage your music'. Users can download the music library, delete the recommendation history or even remove the entire Google Play music library.

If you choose the option of 'Download your music library' then you will be redirected to Google Takeout. From here, users can export a copy of Google Play music data.

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