This temple is made up of beer bottles and not of bricks and cement!

There are many temples all over the world that are known for their beauty and history. But today we are going to tell you about a temple made of beer bottles only. Yes, that's absolutely true. Waste material has been used properly to build this temple. A large number of tourists are coming here to see the creativity of this temple. Let us know about this temple.

Made of beer bottles, the temple is present in The Sisket Province of Thailand. This temple has been built by some monks together. 10 lakh beer bottles have been used to build this temple.  The name of this temple is 'Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew.' All the things in this temple from the bathroom to cremation are made of green beer bottles.

The color of this temple is green and brown, which no one can help but praise.  50 years ago, a company called Heineken dreamt of building such a temple, but due to some reasons, they could not build it.

But Buddhist monks took the responsibility of constructing this temple and built this temple. This temple is so beautiful that tourists are coming from far and wide to see it. You have never seen such a temple.

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