BJP to look at Sikh and Bengali voters in Uttarakhand elections this time

Dehradun: In order to attain caste equality in assembly elections, the Bjp has begun to sit on political platforms. The party's central leaders have joined the campaign through numerous conferences and gatherings across the districts of Dehradun, Haridwar, Udham Singh Nagar, and Nainital.

The manner in which party national president JP Nadda interacted with Bengali society in Terai was considered as an attempt to win Bengali society under the same method. Three assembly seats in UdhamSingh Nagar have been proven to be influenced by voters from the Bengali minority. Assembly seats in Sitarganj, Rudrapur, and Gadarpur are among them. The BJP has taken control of all three assembly seats. Nadda interacted with the Bengali community in accordance with the party's strategy.

Nadda has described the decision to remove the words "East Pakistan" from the certificates of Bengali society as "historic," according to information obtained so far. He stated that the Pushkar Dhami Government makes decisions in the best interests of Bengali society's citizens. In certain ways, JP Nadda expected the Bengali population to vote for the BJP in the next assembly elections. The BJ is attempting to woo Sikh voters in both Bengali society and US Nagar. Sikh voters are expected to influence a half-dozen of the district's nine seats. In the districts of Kamboj, Jat, and Rai, there is a sizable Sikh community. Due to kisan unrest, Bjp's worry grows among Sikh voters. Furthermore, the party has entrusted national spokesman RP Singh with the task of co-election in charge of various seats in the district.

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