“Through ENGIS, I not only want to provide quality education….” says Ritesh Airan of RCMC Group

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” said Nelson Mandela, which is true in every walk of life. Education can eliminate all problems and provide success that everyone sets their heart on. The key to eliminating problems like gender inequality, reducing poverty, preventing needless deaths and illness, fostering peace, and creating a sustainable environment can all be achieved with proper guidance. To elucidate the problem, Ritesh Airan provides education and prepares students through ENGIS (Elite New Generation International School).

Through the temple of education- Elite New Generation International School, he is spreading the multidimensional essentiality each student needs in their life. Education is an investment, rather it can be termed the most critical investment one can make and ENGIS helps students invest in the most powerful tool of today. It helps to boost career as well as personal growth. Through education, Ritesh Airan, the director of ENGIS, wants to make the country aware of everything and create a ‘Naya Bharat.’ He envisions making a country whose currency would be education through which economic competitiveness and global prosperity would be maintained. The visions and missions of Ritesh Airan include a plethora of wisdom which he talks about in this interview.

1. According to you, how important is education for human development?

Well, I have always believed that education plays the most crucial role in life and paves the way for humans to reach their highest potential. It is the means that provides skills, techniques, knowledge, and information to recognize, understand and respect the responsibility one has towards family, society, and the nation. The magnitude of the significance of education in life is enormous as well as multifold. The importance of education in life is that it helps develop a better perspective to look at society and the world. Think and explore the new idea with the most dynamic weapon and we, at our Elite New Generation International School, provide these tools. We stress on providing knowledge and understanding and not just providing materials.

2. What methods does Elite New Generation International School follow that made it emerge as one of the top CBSE schools?

As the director of ENGIS, I can state that our school uses a world-class teaching model to help students obtain knowledge above books. We also keep our focus to nurture children in an environment that is healthy, interactive, and secure to help them learn things quickly and be confident. We believe our school is not just a building to study but a home of knowledge and wisdom where our students are our family. The faculties are experts in their subjects and use different techniques to make students understand things easily. The advanced infrastructure includes AC classrooms and AC transportation, smart classrooms, well-resourced labs, and interesting activity areas. Our school is a torch for students that leads their way to achieve success in whatever field they choose.

3. What changes do you want to bring to society and what are your contributions to it?

I see a society that is free from all evils, a society that gives independence to each individual, a society where the nation is our family, and a society where we understand and respect each other. To make the world a better place I make sure to contribute the maximum I can. Apart from being an educator and entrepreneur, I am an active member of numerous civil societies and initiate programs that are conducted to bring a change. To be people’s helping hand, I am associated with various NGOs providing necessities like education, food, and much more. It makes me happy that I have dedicated my life to the betterment of society.

4. You inherited your business legacy from your grandfather and father. Do you feel you have made them proud?

Yes, it is indeed true that I got the opportunity to showcase my business acumen all because of my family’s hard work for which I will always be grateful and indebted to them. However, my zeal to take the business forward by emphasising on innovation and technology has helped me witness the growth and expansion of my ventures. ENGIS is a perfect example for you as today, it is often credited to be one of the top-notch CBSE schools in the Agra region and the simple reason for this is because I understood the need for bringing forth innovation. Understanding the need for incorporating technology into education, we, at ENGIS, also provide our students with smart classes. As an entrepreneur, I have learned that change is an aspect of life and when you start addressing an emerging problem, you are bound to touch new horizons of success.

5. What are your future goals regarding ENGIS and RCMC Group- two ventures that are close to your heart?

I believe in seeing things clearly and my vision for the future is crystal clear- I want to take RCMC Group to new heights of success by empowering people’s lives. Through ENGIS, I not only want to provide quality education but all-round development to the students so that they can shine in every aspect of life. Being an educator and entrepreneur myself, both RCMC Group and ENGIS are close to my heart and I certainly would not leave any stones unturned for taking things to the next level. 

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