Eating sesame reduces risk of heart attack
Eating sesame reduces risk of heart attack

In Ayurveda, the treatment of diseases ranging from minor to major has been described. The treatment of many diseases is present in our kitchen but we do not know them. Today we are going to tell you that consuming sesame gives relief in health related problems. Let's know.

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Relaxation in constipation - By eating sesame, the body's lost energy is returned. You can get rid of constipation by eating things made from sesame. Chewing black sesame and eating cold water thereafter provides relief in piles problem.

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Reduce the risk of heart attack - Very few people know that sesame contains mono-saturated fatty acid, which increases the level of good cholesterol by lowering the level of bad cholesterol from the body. Eating it is beneficial in heart diseases.

Dry cough and pain relief - Eating a little sugar mixed with sesame in dry cough provides relief. If you have a pain in the ear, then put a garlic bud in sesame oil, heat it lightly and cool it and put it in the ear, it will be beneficial.

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Stop hair graying - Few people know that sesame is also nutritious for our hair. Using sesame oil in the hair is very beneficial. If your hair starts ripening and falling prematurely, then start eating sesame seeds.

Take away anxiety and stress - Consuming sesame is beneficial in mental problems. If there is stress, depression, anxiety, then start eating sesame seeds.

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