Time Traveler from Year 2671 Makes Unique Claim, Calls February the Month of 'Destruction'
Time Traveler from Year 2671 Makes Unique Claim, Calls February the Month of 'Destruction'

"Time travel" or time travel is a subject about which people have very little knowledge, yet they are eager to learn more about it. In addition, there are many stories and claims about time travel that are popular. Recently, a person claiming to be a time traveler has astonished people with unusual claims.

The individual behind the TikTok account @radianttimetraveller, named Eno Alaric, has made a claim that he has traveled from the year 2671 through time and has some alarming information to share. Eno has previously issued warnings about collisions with twin planets, alliances, and even the onset of World War 3. This time, he is revealing terrifying events that are supposedly set to unfold in the coming weeks and months.

He has mentioned catastrophic earthquakes and the discovery of what he calls a "Pandora's Box," which purportedly transports people to alternate universes. But before that, the time traveler stated that a devastating tornado will hit Houston, Texas, and it will be the most destructive tornado humanity has ever faced.

While speaking in the video without revealing his face, he says, "Pay attention, yes, I am a real time traveler, and these are the major events coming in the remaining days of 2024."

He revealed a lot for the entire year:
February 17: The first EF6 tornado hit Houston, Texas. It will almost destroy the entire city, making it the most devastating tornado in human history.
March 28: An ancient artifact was discovered, which upon touch sends you to another universe. It's called the 'Pandora's Box,' where universes can be vastly similar or entirely different.
April 2: A 9.8 magnitude earthquake struck the San Andreas Fault, known as the Big John. Immediately after, a 750-foot tsunami hit the California coastline, devastating several major cities including San Francisco.
May 15: An alien landed on Earth known as 'The Champion,' he's here to take 10,000 people to a habitable planet. He has visited here before to try to save us.

People's reaction to the time traveler's claims?
Eno's alleged predictions have gone viral. It has garnered over 39,000 likes and 2,237 comments. However, not everyone is convinced.

Many people have mentioned his warning about the tornado hitting Houston, with one person writing: "I live in Houston and I don't believe this prediction." Another said, "I don't think you realize how big Houston actually is." Another commented, "Please make a video of all your predictions that came true and then speak ahead. You only share negative things. Why not share some positive things?"

In conclusion, while some are intrigued by Eno's claims, many remain skeptical. Time will tell whether any of his predictions come to pass, but for now, the debate over the validity of time travel continues.

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