Tips for Work From Home with Kids

Oct 09 2020 12:12 PM
Tips for Work From Home with Kids

One main drawback of work-from-home is the atmosphere. People at home are involved in different work; unlikely atmosphere is the hindering factor. Work-from-home by choice or pandemic the co-workers may include the kids who don’t understand the work culture or the nature. For them everything is “now”. According to a recent survey, when an adult is interrupted at work (in an office), it can take them as many as 20 minutes to get back into work mode and focused on the task. Workers experience a thing which researchers call “resumption lag.”

Children are seeking reassurance, guidance, and stability right now, and in your role as parent or primary caregiver, they are seeking it from you. Here are few ways to avoid interruption or perform well in presence of kidas at home:

-Analyse what the kids can and can’t do. For instance, ask your kid to do a puzzle or colour something or do some craft work when you are in a meeting for few minutes. At the end of the meeting revisit what happened exactly. Ensure children should not disturb the on-going meeting. Make sure you are not involved in end to end meetings expecting children to sit on an idle place for an hour or a more.

-Tell your kid that everyone is a part of the team and have to work together which needs kids support.

-Review the rules again and again as kids have short memories. Assign some funny signs to indicate whether a kid can interrupt or not.

-Schedule the things well according to the meeting plan. Like in one hour meeting time child can watch TV, for a short meeting they can colour or puzzle. Try coordinate with them, as their favourite show might be on a different time.

-Don’t stop the practice on weekends.

-Inform a word to your co-worker about your kid presence at home. But even if kids interrupt hold on for a minute and ask what the demand is, it may be something important. Don’t always neglect.

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