Read these tips to avoid/reduce children screen timing

Oct 06 2020 03:44 PM
Read these tips to avoid/reduce children screen timing

The Coronavirus Pandemic forced schools to shut down and pushing children to ‘Stay at Home’. It increased their screen time to more than six hours up by 500% than the normal time period, says a recent survey by ‘The advocacy group Parents Together’. Here are a few ways to manage children’s tech usage:

Alter the family time: Align the family schedules around the screen times. "While the children are doing education online, parents can focus on work," says a work from home mother. She added, "This block of screen time together allows us to get our work done so that we can then spend time doing something that's not related to electronic devices and being fully present for the children”. Mothers can participate with their children in their educational activities such as watching documentaries as a family. 

Change the screen time: limiting time on electronic devices is highly impossible as we completely rely on technology for everything.  Involving the children in discussions about healthy usage of technology best teach them to manage their own screen time. Emphasis more on what children do on their screen time. Hands-on experience of children in something new relishes and induces to explore more. When a child enjoys something, they start discussing with friends and family.

We should concentrate more on providing valuable exposure to the kids that improve the kid's performance as a whole.

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