Boost your Immunity to stay healthy

Immunity is an essential thing to be healthy. The pandemic has made us realize the importance of boosting Immunity for healthy survival. With the changing lifestyle and the environment, uncertain condition prevails. This pandemic warned people to start leading a healthy lifestyle by adopting healthy habits. Regular exercise, supplementary intake can strengthen our bodies. Immunity can be strengthened over a period of time and it can be achieved by following these steps:


- Doing Yoga relaxes the mind and increases body functionality like relaxing the muscles and improving blood flow to the brain. Yoga asanas can be done on a floor mat or on the bed itself only the poses differ with the base.

- The Ministry of Ayush recommends oil pulling to boost immunity. The lauric acid in Coconut oil kills the bacteria by breaking through its fatty layer in the mouth. Oil Pulling can be done with Coconut oil or Gingelly oil. It is an ancient ayurvedic technique that involves swishing of oil for about 4-6 minutes in the mouth changing its oily texture to watery. It has to be done in an empty stomach.

- Staying hydrated is of high importance to stay healthy. Take two glasses of water once you get up. Some DIY concoctions like lemon water, Honey water, Haldi Water and drink in the morning in empty stomach. Proper hydration also relieves constipation problems.

- Lethargy can be best beaten by exercise. A 30-40 minutes session of physical activity can make wonders. Strength, flexibility and Stamina will be improved well. Walking, Jogging, Cycling can be done which ensures you can get some fresh air too.

- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As the name indicates, it is breaking the fast from last night's dinner. People use to say, “Eat like a King in the Morning”, mean literally have a healthy and wholesome breakfast which is a mixture of Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats and Fiber.

- Make sure some fresh fruits, whole grains and vegetables are added to the list. Eat healthy, live healthy and stay healthy.  

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