Easy and Effective ways to protect yourself from home pollution

Aug 25 2019 11:28 AM
Easy and Effective ways to protect yourself from home pollution

Exposure to toxic air pollutants increases the risk of deaths from heart and respiratory diseases. You may have to use a variety of methods to avoid pollution. Not only that, the researchers said this. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, took 30 years to complete. It analyzed air pollution and mortality data in 652 cities in 24 countries and regions.

what says research
The researchers found that the increase in total deaths is linked to exposure to inhalable particles (PM10) and fine particles (PM2.5), which are formed by fire-emitted or through atmospheric chemical changes.

"There is no limit to the relationship between particulate matter (PM) and mortality, which can increase the risk of death from low levels of air pollution," said Professor Yuming Guo at Monash University in Australia.

"The smaller the particles, the more easily they can penetrate the lungs deeper and the higher the toxic component, the more death is likely," Guo said. You need to follow some tips for this.

Household Cleanliness Essentials
Regularly dusting has its own significance. Every house can pull dust and dirt inside. While you regularly clean your floors and furnishings, many corners of the house and under neat sets often fail to get cleaned. Minimize the use of pesticides at home. Use bio-friendly products instead. Limiting the number of toxic chemicals dissolved in the air can reduce indoor pollution.

Also, install indoor plants
Place the plants in the home decoration. Tulsi, snack plant, areca palm, money plant, aloe vera, etc. are plants that purify the domestic environment. You can also apply them indoors. Avoid smoking indoors.

Keep in mind the home applications
Take care of electric home applications. Devices like your refrigerators and ovens can emit harmful gases without regular maintenance.

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