Cure blisters from shoes using these domestic ways!

Aug 20 2019 01:16 PM
Cure blisters from shoes using these domestic ways!

Sometimes it happens that wearing new tight shoes can cause severe ulcers in the foot. There is a lot of difficulty in walking. You should know that these blisters are often when the skin is completely confronted with rubbing, sunlight, and dust. If you are also suffering from a serious problem of foot ulcers, today we tell you some easy home remedies that will relieve you from these ulcers.

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Antiseptic cream - Apply antiseptic cream to the upper layer of the blisters without removing the skin completely.

Apple vinegar - Apple vinegar is a highly poised antibacterial and antifungal component. So mix the apple vinegar with pure castor oil and apply it on a para. This will greatly relax the blisters.

Hot water - Dip the ulcers in hot water for about 15 minutes a day. This will gradually release the matter from the blisters and they will be cured very quickly.

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Aloe vera - Apply aloe vera pulp on the blisters 2-3 times a day, which will also cure blisters and prevent any stains on the skin.

Ice – Use ice when blood is in the ulcers. These will freeze blood clots and will greatly help in preventing blood immediately.

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