Do not make these mistakes if you go to the gym

Sep 17 2019 10:50 PM
Do not make these mistakes if you go to the gym

Women are very conscious about their figure and fitness. Nowadays girls also go to the gym for their toned and slim body. They exercise, but they are not fully aware of the gym exercises. In this case, they should know about all the things related to it before gyming. If you also go to the gym or are thinking to go, then keep some important things in your mind.

Do not apply makeup
Do not do too much makeup before you learn gyming. You should go to the gym without makeup because exercising in the gym brings a lot of sweat and this can cause your skin to become sticky due to the makeup, which is harmful to the skin.

Wrong exercise
Most gym coaches are less experienced. They also do not have proper knowledge of the right technique. They ask for more practice on the treadmill itself. This increases pressure on the lower part of the body and stresses the muscles, so we should include different exercises in our routine.

Since protein gives strength to the muscles, it is important to take protein along with gyming. You should include foods rich in protein and nutrients in your diet.

Drink plenty of water
Excess of water in the body caused by exercising more every day because the water of the body comes out in the form of sweat. To keep your body hydrated and avoid cramps, one should keep drinking water.

Eat on time
It is important for the gym-goers to eat proper food on time. There should be a difference of at least two hours between eating and exercising. Avoid heavy meals. Carbohydrates such as sugar, starch should be avoided.

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