Home Remedies to Improve Your Hearing Loss & Deafness

Sep 17 2019 10:30 AM
Home Remedies to Improve Your Hearing Loss & Deafness

In today's world, no one in this life is able to be perfectly healthy. Wrong diet and lifestyle also cause many diseases. People are troubled by the problems that come up day per day. One of these troubles is deafness that is being seen a lot nowadays. This problem of deafness can be caused by many such as ear infections, listening to music in loud voices, intake of wrong medicines, etc. If you use headphones, this makes it even more troublesome. Today, we're going to show some domestic ways to avoid this.

* Heat seven to eight garlic buds in mustard oil until it is black, then sift it, drop the oil into the ear. The deafness problem will be overcome in a few days.

* One teaspoon of vine leaf juice, one teaspoon of pomegranate leaf juice both cook in 100 grams of mustard oil. Take off when it is half. This oil is regularly poured into the ears to remove deafness.

* Add mustard oil to the Basil leaves and heat it, then add it to the ear when it cools down.

* Add some coriander seeds to mustard oil and add a drop to the ear when it is halved.

* using white onion juice into the ear removes deafness.

* Add a pinch of asafoetida to the milk and mix well and add it to your ear.

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