If you are going to drink Bhang today, you must first read remedies to get rid of intoxication

The festival of Holi is being celebrated with great pomp today. In such a situation, people are desperate to drink Bhang today. Today all are celebrating Holi with great pomp and drinking Bhang. Today, people are shaking hands and hugging each other. Today people are going to drink Bhang fiercely. Although drinking Bhang is said to be very harmful, still people consume it on the day of Holi. Let us tell you that the intoxication of Bhang is very strong, but today we are going to tell you ways to get rid of its intoxication.

Lukewarm mustard oil-  This oil can be used to remove the intoxication of the Bhang. If you want to unload the intoxication of the Bhang, heat the mustard oil lightly and pour this oil into the 1-2 drop lukewarm oil ear of the affected person. By doing so, the person will be conscious.

Ginger- Ginger can also be used to remove the intoxication of the Bhang. In fact, if someone had drunk Bhang, give a piece of ginger to suck. By doing so, their intoxication can be gradually eliminated.

Sour things- If the intoxication of the Bhang is very fierce, you should eat or drink sour things because it proves to be very beneficial. By doing so, the intoxication of the Bhang goes off quickly. It is said that in sour things, antioxidants are present, which remove the effect of Bhang in the body.

Coconut water- if you have thought of the intoxication of the Bhang, keep the coconut water ready because drinking it immediately eliminates the intoxication of the Bhang.

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