Today, chant these mantras of Lakshmi ji, get mother's unbroken grace
Today, chant these mantras of Lakshmi ji, get mother's unbroken grace

Hindu theology has a tradition of chanting mantras to please Mother Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Chanting different mantras of the mother leads to financial gains and all the tasks are successfully completed by the unbroken grace of the mother. Let's know about mantras...

1- Om Sri Hreen Kleen Shri Siddha Lakshya Namah:
This vaibhav is the mantra of Lakshmi, chanting this mantra 108 times benefits man.

2- Dhanay Namo Namah:
This mantra of Goddess Mother should be chanted 11 times a day. This removes the problems related to human wealth.

3- Om Laxmi Namah:
If this mantra is chanted, lakshmi resides in the house of man. At the same time, there is never any shortage of food and money in the house. This mantra should be chanted on kush asana itself.

4- Om Hirin Shri Laxmi Vasudevaya Namah:
Chant this mantra before doing any auspicious work. By doing this, all tasks are completed smoothly.

5- Lakshmi Narayan Namah:
Chanting this mantra maintains happiness and prosperity in the couple's life. The relationship between husband and wife also remains good.

6- Padmanne Padma Padmakshmi Padma Sambhava Tanme Bhajsi Padmakshi Yen Soukhyan Labhamaham
Chant this mantra of Mother Lakshmi 108 times. Chant it with a garland of crystals. This always keeps food and wealth in the house.

7- Om Sri Hreen Kleen Shri Siddha Lakshya Namah:
Chanting this mantra gives success to man. The silver or ashta metal statue of Mother Lakshmi should be worshipped.

8. Om Dhanay Namah:
Chanting this mantra brings wealth and profit. It should be done on Friday with a garland of kamlagatte.

9. Om Hirin Shri Kreen Kleen Shri Laxmi Mam Ghare Dhan Puraye, Dhan Puraye, Worries Doorye Swaha:
Chant this mantra if you want to get rid of debt. This removes the financial constraints.

10. Oh, i'm a fraid.
This mantra should be chanted for success in any task. This always maintains the mother's grace.

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