Today is Shukra Pradosha fast, know its story here
Today is Shukra Pradosha fast, know its story here

Let everyone know that today Shukra Pradosh fast. In this way we are going to tell you the story of this fast today. Let's know.

Vrat Katha - There were 3 friends in a city - Rajkumar, Brahmin Kumar and the third Dhanik Putra. Rajkumar and Brahmin Kumar were married The Dhanik Putra had also been married, but the Gauna was the rest. One day three friends were discussing women. Brahmin Kumar praised the women and said, 'The houseless house is filled with ghosts.' When theDhanik Putra heard this, he decided to immediately bring his wife. Then the parents of the Dhanik Putra explained that Venus Devas are immersed. In such a case, it is not auspicious to bring Bahu-daughters away from their homes, but Dhanik son did not listen to one and reached in-laws. In her in-laws too, she tried to persuade him, but she remained stubborn and the girl's parents had to make her leave.

After the farewell, the husband and wife were out of the city that the wheel of the bullock cart went out and the bull's leg was broken. Both of them got hurt but still they kept walking. When some went away, they came from the dacoits. Who took away their money. Both home There, the snake son danced the snake. When his father called Vaidya, Vaidya said that he would die in 3 days. When Brahmin Kumar received this news, he reached Dhanki's house and advised his parents to make Venus Pradosh fast, and said that he should return the in-laws back with his wife. Dhanik obeyed Brahmin Kumar and came to his in-laws, where his condition was rectified i.e. all the great troubles were overcome by the magnificence of Venus Pradosh.

Listen or hear the story on this day, and after the completion of the story, by offering the Havan content, offer eleven or 21 or 108 times 'Hrid Kheen Namah: Swaha' Mantra. After that, distribute Shivaji's aarti and prasad, after that, make a meal. It is said that on Friday, Pradosh fast fills happiness and prosperity in good fortune and marriage. That is why today's Pradosha fast is considered to be very special. This Pradosha fast, which falls on Friday, brings happiness and prosperity.

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