‘Alien’ baby born in this hospital of Bihar
‘Alien’ baby born in this hospital of Bihar

Patna: There are many things in the world which are very difficult to believe. Many things come in front of us many times which are seeing we usually got shocked. Today we have brought a case for you, which is unbelievable. This case is not from anywhere else but from Gopalganj in Bihar. Recently a strange 'Alien' kind baby has been born. Even the health workers who delivered the child were scared to see him. As the information about the birth of the alien like child spread, the people crowded to see him in the hospital. This case is in Hathua Subdivision Hospital in the district on Thursday. However, the child succumbed shortly after birth. Many such cases have been seen in Bihar.

According to the information, the wife of Chunchun Yadav of Sahiba Chakra village of the district gave birth to a strange child. Although the child survived for 3 hours, during this period, the doctors and other nursing staff of the maternity room also went to the square after seeing the newborn. The child's skin was covered with white colour and both eyes were red and big. The jaw also had teeth like adults.

The doctor said that one in a million children are like this. Such children are born due to the genetic mutation of the parents. He said that such children do not even live for long. Their maximum age is considered to be 7 days.

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