Congress spokesperson, Tom Vadakkan criticises PM Modi for ignoring Dalits

Aug 12 2018 03:02 PM
Congress spokesperson, Tom Vadakkan criticises PM Modi for ignoring Dalits

On Sunday, Tom Vadakkan, the spokesperson of Congress asserted that PM Modi and his government are not making sincere efforts for the welfare of the Dalits in the country.

The party official asserted that the backward classes have been suffering mob attacks under the reign of BJP.

Talking about the same, he affirmed that if one closely observes, several lynching operations against Dalits, there have been many Dalits who were beaten up in the country.

 Amidst all this, BJP is just paying lip service to renowned Dalit leader Bhim Rao Ambedkar ji. He stated that this clearly hints that BJP has done nothing in its power. He criticised the BJP leaders for making grandstanding statements about Dalits upliftment, which are completely impractical.

As quoted by the ANI, Vadakkan added, "Amit Shah Ji thinking about the country is strange, his only business is vote bank, vote bank and vote bank."
Congress President, Rahul Gandhi, had blamed Prime Minister Modi for marginalizing the weaker sections of the society.
He was at Jantar Mantar, when he stated, "The things start with "neeyat" (intentions), whatever will be there in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's heart, the things will work according to that. Prime Minister Modi wants Dalits to remain marginalized. If Modi had a place for Dalits in his heart, his policies would have shown it by now. Prime Minister Modi had written in one of his books that it feels good when the house has been cleaned by a Dalit. The atrocities Act was given by the Congress party and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi to India. I assure you, the Congress will not let the SC/ST Act to be diluted."

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