Tomato prices skyrocket across country, Rs 80-110 per kg, Here's Why
Tomato prices skyrocket across country, Rs 80-110 per kg, Here's Why

NEW DELHI: The prices of tomatoes have shot up to Rs 110 per kg in Indore, Madhya Pradesh due to a drop in supply of the kitchen staple. Vegetable vendors and wholesalers have blamed the rains for the disruption in supply, causing prices of tomatoes to skyrocket in retail markets of many cities.

Tomato prices have recently shot up in the markets across the country from Rs.10-20 per kg to a price of Rs.80-100 per kg. The reason behind this is the dip in supply due to heatwaves in tomato-growing areas and heavy rain.

Recent market trends have witnessed a substantial surge in tomato prices across the country. The cost has escalated from Rs.10-20 per kg to a staggering Rs.80-100 per kg. This drastic increase can be attributed to a decrease in the tomato supply caused by heatwaves in tomato-growing regions and heavy rainfall.

Due to the surge in bean prices last year, many farmers switched to growing beans this season. Unfortunately, a lack of monsoon rains has led to the withering and drying of the crops. Consequently, the limited supply of vegetables, especially tomatoes, can be attributed to the damage caused by heavy rainfall and extreme heat.

In a Bangalore market, tomatoes have reached an astonishing price of Rs.100 per kg, and traders have confirmed that the crops suffered immensely due to the heavy rain.

Similarly, in the Kanpur market of Uttar Pradesh, tomato prices have soared from Rs.40-50 per kg a week ago to a staggering Rs.100 per kg. In Delhi, they are being sold at Rs.80 per kg.

The scarcity of tomatoes in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur has significantly impacted the common people's budgets. Wholesale prices range from Rs.80-90 per kg, and retail shops are selling tomatoes at Rs.100 per kg.

Vegetable vendors in Kanpur revealed that Karnataka, a major tomato supplier, experienced heavy rainfall that resulted in the destruction of crops. Within just ten days, the prices soared and are projected to increase further.

Lakshmi Devi, a vegetable seller at a market in Kanpur, stated, "The price hike is due to the rain. Tomatoes are being sourced from Bengaluru. In the next ten days, the prices will rise even more. Traditionally, tomato prices tend to increase during this month." The supply of tomatoes has been significantly disrupted in tomato-growing districts of Karnataka, including Kolar, Chikkaballapur, Ramanagara, Chitradurga, and Bangalore Rural.

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