Consumption of tomatoes is fatal for these people
Consumption of tomatoes is fatal for these people

We all eat tomatoes. At the same time there are many people in the world who love tomatoes more and they are tomato lovers. In such a situation, if someone eats tomatoes in the name of salad, then someone puts it in the vegetable. Although tomatoes are good for our health, but the consumption of more tomatoes can also be harmful and can damage the body in many ways. Let's know about it.

* Not all of you will know that eating more tomatoes produces gastric acid, due to which there is a problem of heartburn. With this, if anyone has digestive problems, they should stop consuming tomatoes immediately.

* Very few people are aware that people suffering from kidney problems should also stay away from tomatoes completely, as it contains high amount of potassium. Simultaneously, tomato contains an anti-oxidant called oxalate, which is harmful for kidney patients.

* Even if there is joint pain and swelling, tomato should be avoided, alkaline substances are found in it, which can increase joint pain. Along with this, an element called solenin, found in tomato, produces calcium in the tissues of the body, this increases joint pain and swelling problems.

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