Top 5 NGOs in India that are significantly contributing towards betterment of the society

Someone said it right that being the cause of a person's happiness provides contentment to one's soul. People get into this state of ultimate satisfaction by doing social work to help the underprivileged. While some of these philanthropists believe in one man army, others like to bring a community of kind people together by starting NGOs. These NGOs bring a change in the lives of millions of people by uplifting them. They provide social support by giving humanitarian relief and using a sustainable development approach. The list of the good work done by  NGOs can go on and on. Here are five such Non-profit organizations that have been creating a stir with their selfless social work:

1. The Earth Saviours Foundation

Founded by Karmayogi Late Sh. Ravi Kalra Ji in 2008, The Earth Saviours Foundation, a well-known NGO was established with a goal to eliminate every social evil threat that can be faced by abandoned people. Currently, the NGO works under the able leadership of their President Shri Jas Kalra who is the son of Shri Ravi Kalra Ji. Situated in Gurugram, the Non-profit organisation serves as a rescue shelter for all old persons who are left by their children and for homeless adults over 18 who have physical or mental disabilities. They have two branches: Bandhwari Sewa Dham is the first, and Mandawar Sewa Dham is the second. Over 950 people are currently being served by 100 to 150 permanent volunteers who work wholeheartedly to serve them. 

2. Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation was started in 2002 by a group of young working professionals who were inspired by Senge’s philosophy. The Indian NGO works toward the mission of empowering underprivileged children, youth and women by providing them with education & life skills, a proper healthcare system and giving them market-focused living agendas. The foundation works to bring effective changes in the lives of deprived children, their families and communities. The management of Smile Foundation is overseen by a Board of Trustees, who are assisted by an Advisory Panel made up of people with various backgrounds and areas of expertise, and a Management Team which comprises talented employees of Smile Foundation.

3. Goonj

Founded in 1999 by Anshu Gupta and headquartered in the National Capital, the NGO Goonj helps in providing disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community growth in multiple parts of the country. They mainly focus on providing clothing, the founder started Goonj with help of his wife and some other friends. Initially, they had merely 67 clothes and now the NGO deals with over 3500 tonnes of material yearly. All the material collected from the cities is stored at the Goonj Processing Centers where they are stored, segregated, repaired and packed before reaching the homes of those who need it.

4. Peepal Farm

Peepal Farm was incepted in the year 2014 by the duo Robin Singh and Joellen Anderson who were later joined by Shivani Bhalla. Keeping their goal of doing ‘maximum good while causing minimum harm,’ the team Peepal Farm works to improve the living conditions of stray animals and is a woman-powered small-scale social enterprise.  They started their journey by building a space for injured animals so that they can heal. They even have a clinic to treat animals and also rooms for those who want to volunteer while experiencing a simple life.

5. Hemkunt Foundation

Founded under the able guidance of Irinder Singh Ahluwalia, Hemkunt Foundation is a non-profit organisation that fights inequality, poverty and provides healthcare support & humanitarian aid in times of natural calamity. They also try to incorporate the economically weak sections with education and life skills along with giving them access to livelihoods. Presently, they are doing their good work in 21 of the Indian states and Union Territories. They have more than 500 volunteers associated with them and together they have impacted 43 Lakh lives with their 20 operational campaigns and five strategic programs.

All these above-mentioned NGOs have set an example for common people to initiate a step to help the needy lead a healthy and prosperous life. By associating with an NGO, one will get an opportunity to work towards the betterment of the society. However, with that, they will also get a chance to explore and learn new things from the diverse perspectives of different people. 

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