This man is selling his buses Rs 45/KG, you will cry knowing the story

There are many such news in today's time that is trending. One such news is of a bus operator. In fact, the economic condition of tourist bus operators of Kerala has become very bad and now the problem is that a bus operator wants to sell his bus at a price of Rs 45 per kg. Yes, we are talking about a bus operator in Kochi district of Kerala, who is selling his buses at a price of just Rs.45 per kilogram. Let you all know that he is doing this to get himself out of the quagmire of debt. Let us tell you all that Royson Joseph, the owner of Roy Tourism in Ernakulam, has shared his pain through social media.

At the same time, he posted a Facebook post to the Contract Carriage Operators Association Kerala's Association of Tourist Bus Owners and said that he wanted to sell his buses at a scrap rate of Rs 45 per kg. On Friday, Royson shared a Facebook post saying, "The condition of the tourist bus industry in Kerala is very bad. The economic situation has weakened. Now I have a dying situation in front of me. The Corona epidemic has affected the business a lot. Due to this, I have sold 10 out of my 20 buses last year also.'' At the same time, Royson Joseph while talking to the media said 'It is becoming difficult to live life now. Financiers and lenders are not being paid. The situation that I am going through at present is the same for many other people in the country. Now I have no choice but to immediately sell my 3 buses at scrap prices. I am not able to pay my debts on time.'

Apart from this, Joseph also said that to run the bus, 40 thousand rupees tax and 75 thousand rupees insurance has to be given. At the same time, it has also become difficult to run their livelihood after the salary of the employees, the maintenance of the bus and other expenses. At the same time, he said, "The promise made by the government to help the bus owners has not yet been fulfilled. We are not being given any relief from the bank either.''

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