Tragic Fire Incident Claims Life of Delhi Bouncer: Vinay Arora Found Dead
Tragic Fire Incident Claims Life of Delhi Bouncer: Vinay Arora Found Dead

New Delhi: A tragic incident unfolded in Delhi as a person, identified as Vinay Arora, lost his life in a house fire. The fire is reported to have originated from a fireplace that Vinay had lit to combat the cold. The incident occurred in the new Mangalapuri area. Vinay, employed as a bouncer in Delhi, was found dead in his house, which was engulfed in flames.

The Fatepur Beri police received a PCR call on Wednesday evening alerting them to the situation. Upon reaching the location, the police discovered Vinay's burnt body. The room, containing chairs, clothes, and the fireplace, was extensively damaged by the fire. Vinay was found in a charred condition, and the room's door, initially closed from the inside, had to be broken by the police to access the scene.

According to reports, Vinay had lit the fireplace to ward off the cold before leaving it burning and going to sleep. Promptly responding to the incident, a team from the Delhi Fire Station and a forensic team were dispatched to the location. The Centralized Accident and Trauma Services (CATS) ambulance was also called, and their staff confirmed the victim's unfortunate demise.

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