Tragic accident: 4 life lost in deep trench

In Nepal, 4 Indians were killed in a road accident today. The accident took place in Rauthat district near the Nepal-India border. The speeding car went uncontrolled and fell into the water about 20 feet below the road and drowned in the water, in which the four passengers became victims of that incident and the occupants of the car died of suffocation.

The identity of the deceased is yet to be ascertained. According to the district police in Rauthat, they were on their way from the small town of Chandranighapur to district headquarters Gaur along the Chandranigahapur road section at Jhunkhunwa Chowk on Saturday night.

Vehicle falls into 20 feet deep gorge: Police said, the speeding vehicle plunged into a pond 20 feet below the road. Nepal Superintendent of Police Binod Ghimire has said, "We have seized Indian Aadhaar cards from the deceased''. He has said, "We have informed the Indian Police about the accident. At the same time, Nepal police has already initiated action for the cause of the accident.

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