Barrier to travel today
Barrier to travel today

Barriers to travel today

Travel has made humans reach their loved destinations. Travel involves many places which keep people engaging in different kinds of activity. In India, people travel to many cities or places in search of religion or beautiful places like  Jammu and Kashmir, Shimla, Manali, Rishikesh, goa, Kedarnath, etc. There are many places in India that many people visit yearly for different purposes like vacations, work, or any religious activity. Travel has been done throw many ways like a train, airplanes, buses, etc. By which people can visit their respective places or destination.  People travel to India, mostly for the purpose of a vacation, to keep themselves relaxed and give some time to enjoy themselves with their family and friends. Travel costs are different as per the place or locality where the particular person is traveling .not only in India but to go abroad the travel charges are different as per the country's currency and requirements. Travel involves meeting people globally who come from different places to visit.  Travel makes people understand the different –different religions, cultures, people, etc. And make them aware of the other community and how people live in that particular  places



Kashmir which the majority of people visit every day to enjoy the beauty of snow and mountains this place is one of the most beautiful places to b visit in India to travel with your family. In India, people mostly visited religious places in terms of travel like the GOLDEN TEMPLE OR MAHAKAL MANDIR  located in Ujjain, Rishikesh, and many more. This place was always founded full as most people were going there. India offers various places to travel like traveling with friends and family. Golden temple many people visit every day and enjoy the tradition of sikh and about their community as well. Whereas in Ujjain mahakal temple also allow a large number of tourist in a single day to prey. Travell in such places makes people aware of the different traditions and also about people of different places etc.


Language and food mostly become barriers as people have different choices they need to fulfill. Sometimes they don’t get what they were looking for in terms of food or locality. Even political issues also became a barrier as it does not allow us to travel to some places and places where violence between different states or countries occurs also become a barrier like Jammu and Kashmir which always keeps on struggling with some of the political issues or violence which leads to inconvenience in the travel. In language, if you speak English you will be able to explore outside the country easily without any of the language barrier. Travell involves meeting up with different people throw out traveling which leads to asking any quarry or something in our language sometimes they spoke different languages but English is the most common among the all which enables us to enact with them easily.

Environmental Impact of Traveling….

Pollution is, unfortunately, a real problem nowadays. The negative environmental impacts of tourism are substantial. Long flights and road trips contribute to air pollution caused by transportation. Tourism contributes also to plastic pollution most of the plastic used in tourism is meant to be used only once and then be thrown away. This kind of plastic often can’t be recycled, leading to large amounts of plastic pollution. Tourism puts enormous stress on local land and water use. Excessive water use and increasing waste at natural sites may cause soil erosion, water, and land and eventually destroy the natural habitat of some animal species and plants.  Every species in this world have its own ecosystem and food chain. Their health and lifestyles will be affected by contaminations and disturbances impacted by tourism.

Travel can help in experiencing a new culture and will help in expanding our knowledge whereas it will show the reality of life so that we can learn new languages and cultures will make us more independent.

Travel can be more costly in terms of financial and it might cause communication problems and a change of environment will lead to serious health issues. People do find it difficult to understand new cultures.

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