Trump gets big shock, North Korea cancels nuclear deal with America

Dec 08 2019 10:13 AM
Trump gets big shock, North Korea cancels nuclear deal with America

London: Recently North Korea canceled the nuclear deal talks with the US on Saturday. North Korea accused the US of using talks as a way of saving time to fulfill its domestic political agenda. News agency ANI has quoted news agency AFP as saying that North Korea has also conducted an important test at satellite launching station Sohae after the cancellation of this dialogue. However, more information about this is awaited. Earlier, regarding the cancellation of the nuclear agreement talks, North Korean Ambassador Kim Jong Unsaid in a statement, "Now we do not need to have long talks with the US and the issue of nuclear-free has already been dismissed." He said that continuous and adequate dialogue by the US was merely a ploy to fulfill its domestic political agenda.

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According to the sources, North Korea demanded the lifting of the sanctions imposed on it and warned that if it does not happen, then it can take a different route. North Korea said that if sanctions are not lifted, it can resume testing nuclear and long-range missiles that have been discontinued since 2017. In February, talks about the nuclear deal between US President Donald Trump and North Korea Chief Kim Jong Un in Hanoi were also unsuccessful. Since then, this agreement was hanging in the balance. North Korea had asked the US to change its stand.

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North Korea was enraged at calling Kim a 'Rocketman': Sources say that the dispute between North Korea and America has increased once again. North Korea was horrified at US President Donald Trump for calling his ruler Kim Jong Un a 'Rocketman'. North Korea said that if the American President continues to make provocative statements like this, then again insulting him will continue to be called as 'battered'. North Korea's first deputy foreign minister Choi Son-hoi warned against Trump's statement of possible military action against North Korea and calling Kim as a Rocketman.

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