Trump refutes rumors, White House did not provide any intelligence information
Trump refutes rumors, White House did not provide any intelligence information

President Donald Trump has denied information provided by the Russian Military Intelligence Unit to Taliban-linked militants to kill US and coalition troops in Afghanistan over the past few days. While stating this, he says that he was not given any information about it. If anyone is talking about giving information about this, then he is lying, it is just a work of spreading rumors. When this information is made public, the White House attacked the media, now an intelligence officer is being blamed in this regard.

The same information has been disclosed in this case so far this week. Just a few days ago, it was said by the White House that not every intelligence is given to US President Donald Trump. On Tuesday, two White House officials disclosed that the Russian Military Intelligence Unit had given money to kill American soldiers, it was informed in writing to the President, read the President In the same notes that are prepared, this information was delivered in writing on their table. But Trump has denied this statement as a lie.

Although there is no statement from Trump and his top officials in this regard, Trump has not been told what action he will take against Russia in response to killing American soldiers in Afghanistan. Or what steps will be taken in that direction. There is currently no discussion in this matter publicly.

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