Try these 4 ways to woo someone who you think is out of your league

When you think that someone is out of your league, either you become insanely nervous around them or fall hopelessly in love with them! Whatever it may be, impressing someone who is way out of your league can be quite a task as when you are around them, you somehow end up feeling incompetent and incapable.

But there is no place for self-doubt at such times. You need to be your most confident self in order to sweep them off their feet! So we have for you 4 sure shot ways to impress someone who you think is out of your league.

Don’t be insecure

It is natural to feel insecure in front of somebody who you feel is better than you in some way or the other. But don’t let your insecurity get the better of you and be confident, secure and self-assured.

Be sure of yourself

Don’t feel as if you aren’t good enough as this will then reflect in your personality and behaviour around them. Remind yourself of your achievements and admirable traits and charm them with your nature!

Show off a little

Don’t be afraid to show off a little when you are with them. Subtly tell them about your achievements but be sure to not sound arrogant or be proud or boastful.

Don’t be afraid of rejection 

The biggest fear that you may have with them is rejection. Tell yourself that even if they reject you, it will not mean the end of the world for you. Woo them with your charm but also prepare yourself for a probability of rejection.


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