Overdose of turmeric during pregnancy may cause miscarriage

Aug 07 2019 06:48 PM
Overdose of turmeric during pregnancy may cause miscarriage

During pregnancy, you have to take care of many things. You have to be careful about what to eat. Similarly, if you use turmeric in pregnancy, it can be fatal for you. Turmeric not only increases immunity but also helps to prevent joint pain, digestive problems, increased cholesterol, headache, cancer, colds, and diabetes. Also, curcumin present in turmeric can cause a variety of problems in pregnant women. Let's Find out about it.

Do not consume supplements and capsules with turmeric
According to experts, turmeric is completely safe if consumed in a very small amount during meals. But during pregnancy, if a woman uses turmeric supplements and capsules, an overdose of curcumin can lead to complications during pregnancies. This poses a risk of premature births and miscarriages.

Like many other foods, you may be sensitive to turmeric. If you notice a headache or any rashes on your body after consuming turmeric, it means that turmeric is not good for you. In this case, stop consuming turmeric and curcumin capsules during pregnancy.

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