TV actors demand a raise in remuneration
TV actors demand a raise in remuneration

Things have changed drastically all over the place since the covid-19 pandemic struck. Along with the entertainment industry, this. The most severely affected sector of our beloved industry is television, where producers are forced to produce shows on a tight budget with fewer advertising dollars.

Thus, the pay for many established and up-and-coming actors was drastically reduced. If they were to remain in the business and continue to make meager wages, they would have to take the brunt of the pandemic.

The hope among TV actors was that their pay would get a makeover and rise to at least the pre-covid times now that things are almost back to normal and the covid scenes are long gone. Sadly, however, that has not been the case. Here is what some artists had to say about the ongoing issue of unfair pay checks in the television industry to a news website:

According to Sehban Azim of Thapki Pyar Ki fame, budget cuts have not only caused pay decreases but have also had an impact on the caliber of TV shows. When a show is produced on a tighter budget, it's common to settle for younger actors in the supporting cast who might not be able to deliver big lines, and the quality suffers. Not just actors are involved, either. Because they are being offered 50% lower fees than before, I know a lot of talented directors who are staying at home. There are compromises to creativity.

The pandemic has turned into a justification for people not to pay actors and technicians their justly earned money, according to Kanwar Dhillon of Pandya Store. Due to the extremely low pay, many actors are declining offers. Working for such a low pay has grown to be challenging. The second wave soon followed, and budgets were severely cut, so I'm glad Pandya Store reached out to me at the right moment. Since I must also run my household, I also make it a point to work on getting the pay I believe I deserve.

"If an actor is referred to by the channel, then there will be no compromise on his or her budget," Abhay Vakil of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii fame further stated. The producer will pay the actor what the channel requests, regardless of what the actor is asking for. Therefore, in my opinion, it is high time that actors are given their due.

This, according to Asmita Arora of Badtameez Dil fame, is one of the key factors driving actors to the OTT medium. She said, "TV show producers are choosing newer actors over more established ones because they are less expensive due to budget cuts. The seasoned ones will not feel fairly treated. If there aren't opportunities for both, actors like us may start considering switching to other forms of entertainment in order to make money.

Producer of the film Meethai Arvind Babbal expressed his concern about actors asking for larger pay checks by saying, "We have to be realistic about things post-pandemic. Actors should also demand realistic pay because if a channel is receiving X dollars, they won't spend more than that. The days of paying an actor around Rs. 1 lakh per day or a director a very high salary are long gone.

"Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai!" Why are actors crying about pay cuts, the producer Binaifer Kohli continued? Due to the decrease in advertising, the compensation for the entire team has changed, and we must accept this. The broadcaster must adhere to financial constraints rather than rely on an actor's whims. Since every project needs to be sustainable and profitable, it makes sense if they are asking for newcomers. We work with experienced actors in addition to launching a lot of new actors.

Finally, casting director Amano Dhyan gave us some information about the salaries of TV stars, including the fact that some of them have even passed up good roles due to the low pay scale. Lead actors, who were previously compensated at a rate of about '80,000 per day, now make between '55,000 and '60,000. Newcomers who play the lead roles are now compensated in the range of Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000. Almost everyone has had to make a sacrifice, and I don't anticipate that changing anytime soon.

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