Twist in Shivaay-Tia's wedding in Ishqbaaz
Twist in Shivaay-Tia's wedding in Ishqbaaz

A sudden twist is expected to seen in Ishqbaaz during Shivaay-Tia's wedding. Shivaay (Nakul) in concern of family repo chosen to marry Tia in hurry to restore the reputation of their family being spoiled by false allegations on his father(Shakti) and uncle(Tej).

And twist which will turn the story that, at the time of wedding Shivaay's unfolded love interest Anika might be get a major proof that will prove Tej and Shakti’s innocence. Anika in order to get the proof will get missing from the wedding and this will create chaos in mind of Shivaay.

As per sources, “Anika’s sudden absence will create chaos, especially in the mind of Shivaay. And Shivaay will be left in two minds as to how to get to the truth behind the charges levied on Tej and Shakti.”

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