Twitter facing huge break even after takeover financially
Twitter facing huge break even after takeover financially

New Delhi:- Former Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino says that the company is close to making as much money as it spends.

"I have been working at the company for eight weeks," Yaccarino stated during her first on-air interview since starting her new position. Right now, our business is not making much profit but we are almost reaching a break-even point.

This is a shocking statement, considering the company's money problems after being bought by Elon Musk. The money earned from advertisements on the platform is falling because brands are not spending as much. X has been trying hard to get more money, like when they limited access unless you subscribed to Twitter Blue. They also made it more expensive for developers to access certain features.

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But if we can trust Yaccarino's account, it appears that X's finances are improving. In the end, the company decreased the number of employees from about 8,000 to 1,500. However, the employees who were let go still have not received the three months of money they were promised when leaving. The company has more payments to make that are currently outstanding. X is being sued in many countries because they haven't paid rent for their company offices.

Our agreement with X to share our data and provide access through an API is a great business opportunity. "Our new subscription business is getting bigger," said Yaccarino. "Then, a big part of my knowledge and experience, and what I was brought here to do, was to lead advertising efforts at the company. "

She also mentioned that she has meetings with different brands every day, and these meetings are giving positive feedback for the company's advertising business. X is also using ad technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that allows brands to decide how particular they want to be with the type of content their ads are associated with. Musk says that less traditional product placements will be sold for a cheaper price.

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Yaccarino is seen as a more reliable and trusted source compared to Musk, who is known for making divisive statements that are difficult to believe without question. However, some of the things she said about X seem hard to prove. She told CNBC reporter Sara Eisen that almost all of the impressions posted are good and not harmful.

"What do you mean by healthy. " Eisen questioned "Is watching pornography good for your health. And is believing in conspiracy theories good for your health. "

Yaccarino believes that X's good health is because they are successful in having the freedom to express their opinions, rather than having a wide audience. She also said that if a post is legal but terrible, it is very hard for people to notice it.

When Yaccarino was asked about famous people like Kanye West, who is known for saying hateful things about Jewish people and is going to start using Twitter again, Yaccarino repeated what Musk had said about how freedom of speech means you might not like what everyone says. We can guess that more than a very small portion of X's people would probably feel it's not good to read West's prejudice-filled angry speeches.

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To end the talk, Yaccarino was asked about a silly plot in Silicon Valley: Will Musk and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg have a fight inside a cage.

"She is doubtful about whether the cage match will really occur," she said. What I can say is that I have seen firsthand that Elon is learning and improving.

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The CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino, says that the company is having money problems ever since Elon Musk took over advertising. She also mentioned that she has never seen this type of decline since joining Twitter.

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