Twitter users will now be able to sign in through google account, new feature will come soon

Micro-blogging portal Twitter is working to make it possible to sign in to your account through a connected Google account. Twitter is considering enablegoogle account integration, said app investigator Jane Wong. Google has provided apps with a way to sign up or log in to its users from your Google account to avoid the step of filling in basic details such as choosing your name and email address or even password.

In screenshots of the enabled feature, Twitter's sign-in pages on the web are "Sign Up", "Login" and the third option is "Continue with Google". These buttons will allow you to link your Google account to an existing Twitter account, create a new Twitter account with your Google account details, or enter it into your Twitter account if you have already linked it to your Google account.

According to the report received, there are ups and downs with a service like sign in with Google. It is more convenient to remember just one password and the process is extremely fast. However, the report says that if your Google account is tampered with in any way, the attacker will also have access to your Twitter account. Or, if your account was ever banned, you won't be able to go on Twitter.

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