Rae Bareli: 5-hour power outage at district hospital, 2 patients succumb to lack of oxygen

Lucknow: In Uttar Pradesh's Rae Bareli district, there was a power cut of about 5 hours in the district hospital on Tuesday night. After the power went off in the hospital, the patients started suffering. At the same time, there was a shortage of oxygen in 2 patients admitted in part number 3. The patients died in agony due to a lack of oxygen. After the death of both the patients, the staff of the district hospital, after persuading the family members, took the dead body and sent it away in the night itself.

On getting information about the matter in the morning, DM Mala Srivastava, along with Municipal Magistrate Pallavi Mishra, Sadar SDM Rajeev Shukla reached at 8:30 am. The District Magistrate went to ward number 3 and recorded the statement from Dr Salim by taking possession of the Indian patients' form and register along with other records. When the statement of the doctor was found suspicious, the statement of the staff nurse of the ward was also recorded separately.

At the same time, during the inspection, the patients and attendants admitted in ward number 3 in front of the District Magistrate exposed the health facilities of the hospital. The attendants said that on Tuesday night, electricity did not come to the district hospital for about 5 hours and neither the generator was run. The patients continued to suffer due to this, but the responsible officer of the hospital administration did not pay any attention to this. Even after complaining, the CMS of the district hospital misbehaves with the attendants.

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