Uttar Pradesh: Two shops caught fire in Sitapur due to short circuit

Sitapur: There has been news of fire in car and bike denting shops in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh. The fiery fire here engulfed nearly a dozen vehicles and goods parked in shops. Lakhs of rupees were burnt in the fire. The fire brigade arrived on the information and after a lot of effort, control of the fire was found.

This incident of fire is of Station Road in the city Kotwali area. Here Chhotu and Asif have car and bike denting shops near the small line station. Late Thursday, the fire caught both the shops. On seeing the fire, it took a gigantic form. A dozen vehicles were caught in the fire. Not only this, the fire also caught the gum of betel placed next to it. Thankfully, there has been no news of the loss of life in this incident.

Due to this fire, shopkeepers are feared the loss of lakhs. Locals are talking about a fire due to a short circuit in the shop. After getting information, fire engines reached the spot and found control of the fire after hours of hard work. City Kotwal TP Singh said that the reasons for the incident have not yet been ascertained.

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