There is a different hell for every sin, know which hell will you go to

Sep 14 2019 05:20 PM
There is a different hell for every sin, know which hell will you go to

You must have heard about hell many times. It is said that many things have been told about it in the Puranas of Hinduism. Everywhere from Puranas to Kathopanishad, death and its aftermath has been mentioned and in these Puranas, it is said that whatever work the creatures do on earth, they have to face its consequences afterwards. In such a situation, Yamraj sends people to heaven and hell according to their work. In such a situation, hell has been mentioned in many places. In hell, creatures are punished with a different kind of punishment and for this, different hells have been prepared, which we are going to tell you.

Mahavichi: This hell is filled with blood, it has thorns like a thunderbolt and the creature that goes in it gets afflicted with thorns. It is said that a person who slays a cow comes in this hell and lives for one lakh years.

Kumbhipak - This hell is filled with hot sand and embers and people are sent to this hell for occupying other's land and heritage of others and for killing the Brahmins.

Manju's - It is said that in this hell they are punished who take the innocent captive. This hell is made of burning bars.

Irresistible - here they put those who cause trouble to religious persons. In this hell, the faecal-urine exudate is filled and in this, the organisms are overturned and dropped.

Villapak - In this place Brahmins to consume alcohol is kept. It burns with the fire of hell lacquer.

Maha Prabha- This hell is very high. There is a big hole in it. Those who separate a husband and wife are put into this hell.

Jayanti - There is a huge rock in this hell and in this hell people who keep physical relations with other women other than their wife are kept in this hell.

Shalmali - This hell is filled with burning thorns and in this hell, women who keep relations with men other than their husband are sent to this hell.

Maharava - In this hell, people who set fires in fields, barns and villages and homes are brought to this hell.

Tamisra - In this hell, Yamdoots beat the thieves with terrible weapons.

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