The fate of Uber woman driver shines in minutes, became the mistress of crores

Jul 20 2021 10:43 AM
The fate of Uber woman driver shines in minutes, became the mistress of crores

It is very difficult to predict what will happen today, the happiness of a woman working as a driver in Uber Eats was not at a time when she came to know that she had got a lottery and has now become a millionaire. A woman from Maryland in the US was working the same day as usual. The unexpected turn in his life came when she scanned a lottery ticket she had bought last week and found out that the same winner had been selected.

The same lottery officials said that a mother of five has won $250,000, or Rs 1,87,19,600, amid the delivery of Uber Eats. The 47-year-old lottery winner then told reporters that she no longer wanted to work in Uber Eats.  The woman said about the lottery that she stayed at Quick Cess Mart one day due to work and immediately bought some tickets. The woman then took out a scratch-off list in the category of most awards using the Maryland lottery app and chose a cash game of one to $10.

At the same time, the woman said that she had won small cash prizes earlier and had won most of the $1,500 lottery so far, but this time fate supported her and she became a millionaire. The woman said she will pay some bills before the lottery money is received and will pay down for her home. It is then planning to provide financial assistance to its children with the rest of the money.

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