Drunkard approached home minister with strange complaint

Ujjain: You all must have seen that often people tell the leaders and ministers about their problems. However, recently a strange case has come to light. The case is from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. Here, a person has made a strange complaint to the Home Minister. In fact, a drunk man here has alleged that water was mixed in alcohol. Yes, and complaining about it to the Home Minister, he has demanded strict action against the contractor. Not only this, but to prove his complaint, the drunkard has also saved two quarters as evidence. In fact, Lokendra Sothia, a resident of Bahadur Ganj in Ujjain, is addicted to drinking alcohol.

At the same time, he bought four quarters of country liquor from a liquor shop in the Kshirsagar area on April 12. Now in this case, Lokendra has alleged that even after drinking the whole bottle, when the intoxication of alcohol did not go up, it seemed that it was adulterated. Yes and complained to the shopkeeper about it, so he threatened and drove away the customer. In fact, the shopkeeper said in a threatening tone to Lokendra, who was consuming alcohol, 'Do what you make. '

After all this, Lokendra made up his mind to complain at the upper level. In this case, it is now alleged that water is mixed in the bottle instead of alcohol. Lokendra said that in the fear of adulteration of liquor, the two remaining quarters have been allowed to remain packed so that it can be produced as evidence. In fact, Lokendra has applied for action against Ujjain SP, Home Minister Narottam Mishra and a liquor contractor in the excise department. On the other hand, excise officer Ramhans Pachouri said that the complaint has not reached him at the moment. However, if a complaint is received, the matter will be investigated and action will be taken against the culprits.

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