Unique calf in MP, crowd of people thronging to see
Unique calf in MP, crowd of people thronging to see

Sagar: A bizarre incident of the birth of a two-legged calf in Garhakota in the Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh has come to light. Manoj Kori's cow, who lives in the Kamla Nehru ward of Garhakota, has given birth to a two-legged calf. As soon as the people of the area came to know about this, there was a crowd of people watching the calf at Manoj Kori's house.  

The same two-legged calf remains a matter of curiosity in the area, only the calf is being discussed in the entire area. Manoj also approached the veterinarians after the birth of the calf. The veterinarians have declared the calf to be completely healthy after examining it. The calf does not have two legs in front, just the back two legs. At the same time, experts have described it as a conjunctive defect.

Manoj Kori, the owner of the cow, said that on Saturday night, the cow gave birth to a calf. When he saw the calf after birth, he did not have the front legs. They were also stunned to see the calf. He said that before this he had never seen a two-legged cow's calf. Veterinary surgeon Dr Jayashree Nema says the cow has given birth to a two-legged calf. It is called congeneral defect in the language of science. Which is due to congenital defects and anomalies. He said that if the calf gets a proper nutritional diet, then he can lead a healthy life even further.

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