Leadership ability of MP Lisa is seen, made place in this round

Jan 14 2020 06:02 PM
Leadership ability of MP Lisa is seen, made place in this round

The dominance of Indian people in foreign lands is increasing. This can be gauged from the fact that women MPs of Indian origin have successfully reached the second round in the Labor Party leadership race this week. She appealed to choose herself. Lisa Nandi urged Labor members to support her courageous campaign for party leadership. She is now accompanied by Keir Stormer, Emily Thornberry, Jess Phillips, and Rebecca Long-Bailey. They have to gain support from the Union and the local Labor Party group.

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After this success, she started her campaign in Dagenham, East London, she said, some years were painful and losing. But now is not the time to slow down the ship or see security. If we do not challenge, we will die. This is the time when we can play our game and achieve our goals.

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89 party MPs are ahead of Stormer Lisa, while there is very little difference with Long-Bailey. 40-year-old MP Lisa won from her Wigan seat in the north-west of England. Jeremy Corbyn had announced not to lead the party in the next general election. She had previously told the BBC in an interview, "We now need to seriously think about what can be done to bring the Labor Party voters back to the party."

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