Why is UN Security Council still silent on Corona crisis?
Why is UN Security Council still silent on Corona crisis?

Washington: Coronavirus outbreaks continue to increase worldwide. The number of patients infected with this virus is highest in the US. According to the New York Times, America has the largest number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world. No meeting has been set so far to discuss the crisis in the Coronavirus, which is deepening in the UN Security Council.

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Questions are now being raised on China, as the United Nations Security Council is headed by China. Coronavirus cases have exceeded 5,30,000 worldwide and about 24,000 people have died due to the disease. There have been more than 85, 653 cases in the US, more than China and Italy. In the US, about 1,300 people have died due to Covid-19.

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So far, the coronavirus has been found in 78 employees of the United Nations worldwide. The presidency of China's 15-nation council will end on March 31 and there is no meeting on the agenda of the Security Council in March to discuss the Covid-19 global epidemic. A UN diplomat has pointed out that the council's silence on the issue affecting human security in such a serious way shows that it is certainly not right for the purposes of tackling the challenges of the times.

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