Know who is more at risk of coronavirus
Know who is more at risk of coronavirus

Coronavirus has severely affected the Indian system. People have been imprisoned in homes for 21 days. But questions have started to arise on the death rate regarding this virus. In India it is around 2 percent. Different countries are defining corona mortality in their own way. If you take the example of Britain, according to the World Health Organization, Britain's death rate is 5 percent while the death rate is 4 percent globally. But Britain claims that their death rate is only 0.5 to 1 percent.

One death per 13 minutes in Britain, corona case coming out in US every 5 seconds

The scale of the corona test is also different by country. According to media reports, if someone is testing a large number of patients, then some are limited. In this case, an accurate assessment of mortality is also affected. Not only this, mortality also depends on factors like age and general health.

This nationwide contentious issue lost in Corona outbreak

Elderly people who are unwell and also corona positive are more at risk. According to a recent study by Imperial College London, those who are over 80 years of age have a 10-fold increased risk of death, while those under 40 are much younger. Although the UK's Chief Health Advisor Prof. Chris Whitty says that even though the death rate of the elderly is high, it does not mean that the virus is inactive for the youth. Therefore, it cannot be said that only age determines the risk of infection. After a study of 44,000 cases in China, it is found that the corona sufferers who had diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac or respiratory diseases were five times more likely to die.

China's mask diplomacy to improve image from Corona

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