NIA can openly take action against terrorists, UAPA bill passed in Rajya Sabha
NIA can openly take action against terrorists, UAPA bill passed in Rajya Sabha

New Delhi: The Unlawful Activities Prevention Amendment (UAPA) Bill 2019 has also been passed by the Upper House on Friday. The bill has already been passed in the Lok Sabha. The bill was approved after discussion in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday and Friday. Taking the bill, Congress and other opposition members raised a number of questions. Replying to a question, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, the bill is not aimed at targeting anyone as has been questioned by some members.

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Amit Shah said, the person who is said to be a terrorist will have full right to appeal and this will not be a final stamp. It will be examined in four phases, nobody will be violating human rights. Replying to questions raised by Congress and other opposition members on the UAPA bill, Amit Shah said, "Some points have been fixed for declaring a person as terrorists.

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Shah further said, if the terrorists take two steps, our agencies will have to take 4 steps forward. Terrorism has no religion, not against any individual or government, but against humanity. We are not weakening the law at all. The dg powers of the state are not being taken away and the state police will be briefed when the NIA initiates the investigation. It is not correct to seek permission from the state police to confiscate the property during the NIA probe as the details of the investigation are with the NIA.

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