BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis takes big step over Maharashtra 5-level unlock plan

Jun 04 2021 03:35 PM
BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis takes big step over Maharashtra 5-level unlock plan

Mumbai: There have been constant reports about the issue of unlock in Maharashtra. It is being asked to consider it only day by day. Meanwhile, former Maharashtra CM and leader of opposition Devendra Fadnavis lashed out at the Thackeray government. In his recent statement, he has taken a dig. "The first minister announced the unlock in Maharashtra, which created a wave of happiness among the people," he said. But later it was clarified from the Chief Minister's Office that nothing like this has happened, the new rules regarding unlock will be announced by the Chief Minister himself. 

He further said, "It seems that whether it is the issue of unlock or any other issue including corona control, there is a lack of coordination in the Mahavikas Aghadi government. There is one Chief Minister and five Super Chief Ministers." Let us tell you all that Devendra Fadnavis said this while talking to reporters on the issue of unlock ing problem in the state. Meanwhile, he took a dig at the Thackeray government saying, "In any government, the chief minister has the right to take policy decision. The rest of the Ministers make announcements on the basis of the decision staked by the Chief Minister." Today, even before the Chief Minister announces any issue, five Ministers make announcements considering themselves chief ministers. He also said that "many announcements are made by different ministers in the Aghadi government at times. The Chief Minister needs to discipline his ministers. Is there a lockdown in the state or not? Have the restrictions been relaxed or not? The fasse confusion in this regard needs to be removed. The Chief Minister needs to show that he has a hold on his ministers. In the Mahavikas Aghadi government, ministers of different parties are vying for credit, the Chief Minister is not running at all.''

At the same time, Fadnavis also said, "Many ministers first make announcements related to the government's policy and then say that the chief minister will make an announcement in this regard. All this is happening in a bid to take credit, and this is not the first time. Many times, it has happened on many issues." He said the government should be very clear on major policy decision. "A minister in the state government unlocked first. A U-turn was later taken from the CMO office. Many people are calling and asking them if there is a lockdown in the state right now. He had no clear knowledge of the good, so he didn't know how to respond. People were very happy yesterday after the lockdown was lifted. Then, after the CMO took a U-turn, the joy turned into a loss. In the meantime, the shopkeepers were happy at first, they were curious, then gradually the confusion increased, and finally they sat down disappointed.''

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