Unveiling the Cinematic Extravaganza – Ruben Marks a Stellar Debut for Vijay Prasad
Unveiling the Cinematic Extravaganza – Ruben Marks a Stellar Debut for Vijay Prasad

In a cinematic symphony directed by Ayyappan and produced by the dynamic trio Mr. Porur Raja, Mr. Kovai Arumugam, and Mr. Karur Karthik under the banner of A K R FUTURE FILMS, "Ruben" is set to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline and a star-studded cast.

The eagerly awaited debut of Vijay Prasad takes center stage, promising a breakthrough performance that is bound to leave a lasting impression. The film's first look was unveiled by none other than Puduvai Chief Minister Mr. Rangaswamy, who showered praise on the film crew after a riveting trailer presentation.

Adding to the allure, seasoned actors Charlie, Kanja Karuppu, 'Vijay TV' Ramar, and Manki Ravi play pivotal roles, enriching the narrative with their seasoned performances. The film's soundtrack, a melodic masterpiece, is crafted by the talented Aravind Babu, while lyricist Snegan weaves poetic magic with soul-stirring songs.

Rajiv Rajendran's lens captures the essence of "Ruben" with finesse, ensuring a visual spectacle that complements the engaging storyline. As the anticipation builds, it's evident that this collaboration of talent is set to deliver a cinematic gem that transcends expectations.

"Ruben" emerges as a confluence of creative minds, promising to be a cinematic journey that resonates with audiences across genres. With a stellar cast, soulful music, and visionary direction, the film stands poised to etch its mark in the annals of cinematic excellence. Get ready to embark on a cinematic adventure as "Ruben" unfolds its magic on the silver screen!

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