Bulandshahar Hospital patients tell about their plight to DM

Sep 16 2020 01:15 PM
Bulandshahar Hospital patients tell about their plight to DM

Bulandshahr: The cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly. Even in Uttar Pradesh, the day-to-day patients' figure is increasing. Meanwhile, there are reports of non-proper arrangements in several Covid-19 hospitals in UP which are coming up continuously. Patients are not getting proper food or drinking water. Now, recently, a new case has come out. In fact, Bulandshahr District Magistrate Ravindra Kumar arrived on a hospital visit recently. When he spoke to the patients, the patients told him that they are not getting the facilities for food and water.

DM Ravindra Kumar had rushed to inspect Khurja's SSMJ hospital. This is the L1 hospital where patients with no COVID19 symptoms are being kept. In the meantime, many patients started crying in front of him. In the meantime, some patients questioned the quality of food, and some appeared to say that they were being made to feel like beggars.

In the meantime, a patient from the DM, who stood at some distance and heard the complaints, said, "I asked someone for milk, somebody was sitting here in the corner, he said, "What is the noise? So I kept shouting, asking for milk for my baby, not begging. We are from a good family. We are going from here in a couple of days, but we pray to you to improve the food system,"  DM had come with the media and there were many things that were shocking. Meanwhile, the DM assured the patients that the food quality would improve soon.

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