Saints- 'If you want Ram temple, then keep Modi-Yogi pair intact'

Lucknow: The Election Commission is in action on the one hand over the UP assembly elections. On the other hand, Saints are once again preparing to form the government of Yogi Adityanath. Due to this, the Saints are urging to put the votes of the saints in Yogi Adityanath's bag by counting the works of the Yogi government by holding a mic sound and meeting from the stage. In such a situation, a contemplation meeting was called under the banner of Vishwa Hindu Parishad at Ramayanai Kuti of Chitrakoot, Dharmanagari. In which Champat Rai, General Secretary of Ayodhya Trust, including the great saints of Dharmanagari Chitrakoot, attended.

In this contemplation meeting held in Dharmanagari Chitrakoot, the saints told about the works of the Yogi government. He told that if the saints want the welfare of the society, the protection and salvation of the monasteries, then once again the Yogi government will have to be brought, different saints have cited in the name of Ram in the presence of hundreds of saints and told that Modi and Yogi government Because of this, Ayodhya Ram temple is ready to come in its form today, if you all want that Ram temple in Ayodhya should be ready, then we will have to bring Yogi Sarkar again, only then we will be able to make Ram Lalla sit in his place.

In this meeting of the Dharmacharya Sampark Department of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Kanpur province in Chitrakoot, an election atmosphere was created by giving an edge to the issue of Hindu-Muslim. Where Jitendra Nand Saraswati of Kashi Vishwanath told that if you want to celebrate Holi and want to allow the construction of Ram temple, then keep the pair of centre and state. While giving the title of Ram Laxman to the pair of Yogi Adityanath in the state and Narendra Modi in the centre, he said that 2015 was a festival of Holi on Friday. There was the Samajwadi Party government in which the government had announced that Holi would be played till 11 o'clock, then if Muslims have Friday prayers, then stop playing Holi. There is a fierce battle between the parties in the states regarding the same elections.

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