Woman gang-raped in moving private bus in UP

Jun 18 2020 02:11 PM
Woman gang-raped in moving private bus in UP

The case that has come up recently is shocking. This matter is of Noida in Uttar Pradesh. In this case, a woman was raped in a moving bus. The driver and conductor of the bus raped with a woman coming to Noida with children from a private bus from Pratapgarh. The woman says that after carrying out the incident, the driver escaped with the bus. On reaching Noida, the woman told her husband about the incident. According to reports, husband complained to the Sector 20 police station in this case.

Police captured the bus, one has been arrested and the police is filing a case. It has been reported that in the complaint to the police, the victim told, "The driver first gave her a sleeper seat. After this, he started asking for more money. The lady said that where you land me, my husband will meet there, he will give the money. After that, he took her to the back seat and there was no one. After this, the driver came after a while and started bullying her. He tied her hand and raped her. He threatened to kill her and her children. After this, the conductor and another boy said, take the money and finish it.''

The woman gave the information on the phone to her husband. Police say that the medical examination of the victim is being conducted by the Medical Board. Statements are taken by finding the co-passengers in the bus so that the charge sheet can be filed in the case at the earliest and the accused can be punished.

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